Can A Robot Play Better than You?

We have a course on Artificial Intelligence here at IIIT, and the first class of the Spring Semester, Professor Paruchuri gave us examples of AI being implemented in different fields around the world. One that struck a chord with me (pun intended), was Shimon. An AI agent capable of creating... [Read More]
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Free Music For All

Before I bought a student subscription of Apple Music, Youtube was my primary source of music, as it is for a large percentage of the population, at least in my college. So I thought of this app, coded it in a caffine drenched night, and released it the next morning.... [Read More]
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Pacman - A 2D Game

Though I find the course redundant for someone who isn’t eventually going to venture into Computer Vision, I can’t deny that fact that Graphics’ assignments give a vague sense of achievement, creating games is fun. [Read More]
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A Custom POSIX Shell

The coursework at IIIT has a wide range when it comes to how interesting you are going to find it. There are subjects and courses that seem like unnecessary rhetoric, while there are courses that blow you away with insights and kind of are the reason why people like me... [Read More]
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Google Script - An Upload Portal

Megathon is an annual Hackaton that we, at E-Cell, organise. Being subtle, as I am, it gives me immense pleasure to tell you that it is one of the largest student-organised hackthon in India. Anyway, coming to the point, I headed the technical department of Megathon’17, and on the event... [Read More]
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