How Amazon Plans To Change Shopping

How Amazon Plans To Change Shopping

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Amazon Dash buttons are physical buttons that order a specified quantity of a fixed product directly, by automating payment and the entire shopping experience.

When Amazon first launched Dash Buttons on 31st March 2015, the product was received with awe and ridicule alike. The ill-planned (or was it) launch date meant that most users assumed it to be an elaborate April Fools’ prank. The below-par launch video that celebrated monotony and consumerism did not go down well with users either, and Dash Buttons, although innovative, seemed well on course to crash and burn.

Only, they didn’t. They survived.

Dash Buttons

There is no denying the utility of the tech, but the strong force behind Dash Buttons is actually the customisability that Amazon has rolled out over the last 3 years since the product’s launch. Programmable Dash Buttons that can be coded for tasks (call APIs or order), Virtual Dash Buttons that have identical utility but are present on screens have been strides in easing the shopping experience.

But the real game changer, and reason I am writing this article, are integrated Dash Buttons.

Imagine a printer that can order new cartridges when it’s low on ink, a refrigerator that orders milk, buys eggs, the possibilities are endless. In a world where optimisation is the new yardstick, how one does one’s chores speaks volumes; and how better to go about it then having a smart home that can, quite literally, handle it’s requirements.

IoT has always been exciting, but never this affordable and applicable. I love how the definition of ‘impossible’ changes with time, as one by one, every lazy day dream we have ever had, is real and within reach. Integrated Dash tech is here to serve.

If you liked the idea of automated API calls, Do check out 1btn as well.

Vivek Kaushal

Vivek Kaushal

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