My name is Vivek Kaushal and I am a research student at IIIT Hyderabad. I work with the Cognitive Sciences Lab here, and presently, my primary area of interests include neuroeconomics, risk, financial decision making and entrepreneurship.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve liked solving problems; and that makes me very fond of how code empowers you to do really cool things with computers. I am a software developer, but my true calling lies in finding innovative ways to solve problems in interesting fields.

Right now, I am working on models to provide a better understanding of human behavior, specifically in financial decisions. Though I look forward to new opportunities and challenges in Decision Making and other different fields.
Eager to experiment and learn. :)

There’s more that I want to tell you about me.
But I know that your attention span is limited, so I’ll restrict myself to a few pictures.


I grew up listening to beautiful old Bollywood songs thanks to my dad; was trained for 5 years in Classical Indian music, then rebelled by picking up a guitar and embracing western culture. I listen to almost everything, from Zeppelin to alt-J, Guns n Roses to Coldplay, with everything in between. Pink Floyd is my favorite artist, and no.
Rap is not music. Okay, maybe a couple of guilty pleasures, but that’s it.


Travel brings you closer to yourself. It’s simple really, when you’ve met enough people from all around, who are poles apart yet somehow very much the same, you understand basic human traits. It just gives a clearer worldview and helps you understand human behavior. The picture doesn’t reflect the gravity of my thoughts here, but I wanted a picture in that hat ever since Joey wore it in Friends.


This here, is Dr.Charles Severance. I met him recently at a conference, and he represents, better than anyone else, how technology can empower people. Dr.Severance has written books, designed courses and tutorials that have taught more people on this planet how to code, than possibly anyone else. And here he is, casually poking humour at small iPhones and making fun of my iPhone SE’s camera for being crappy, after he told me how he plans on changing the education system in middle schools.


My earliest memory of reading is enjoying Enid Blyton’s “The Famous Five”, I loved it so much that I read all 21 of them. My parents just kept getting more books and I kept reading, till, well, when I started preparations for JEE (college entrance exams). I started reading after my first year in college, though focussing largely on Non-Fiction now, it’s unbelievable how much I’ve learnt from reading, and I can’t imagine how much I missed out on, in the years I didn’t read. I try and read at least a couple of books every month.


I started working out to earn compulsory college credits. Then it was about proving a point to myself. Now, I do it because it works better than caffeine in boosting my energy levels and motivation.

And yes. I like to blog to get my views and ideas out there. So do check this site out often.


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