This was a course assignment for Graphics, in the Spring of 2018. A continuation of the previously posted 2D game, this is a 3D rendering coded in C using openGL.

A classic boat manoeuvre game, with enemies to be shot with canons, gift boxes and rocks that act as hurdles.


Following are the controls:


'W' to move forward.
'A' to turn right.
'D' to turn left.
'S' to brake, or reverse.


'R' for Follow Cam View.
'T' for Top View.
'Y' for Tower View.
'U' for Boat view.

Other Controls

'F' for shooting Canon.
'B' for Boosting.
'Space' for Jump.

Installation Instructions

Install CMake and QT Creator, and then create a new project using the CMakeList.txt file.

You can find the code for this game here, it’s an ongoing Open Source project, so feel free to contribute!