I am a CSE undergrad at IIIT Hyderabad, and my primary area of research is human computer interaction and more specifically, the perception of clickbait. I have worked on projects in machine learning, human computer interaction, AR/VR, big data analysis, software design and engineering – with a keen interest in engineering usability. I strongly believe that technology needs to be intuitively usable to empower people and I love creating products and models built around this core philosophy.

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Major Projects Attentional Model of Clickbait

Working on building an understanding of how user attention is manipulated by clickbait headlines in digital media based journalism. The scope of the project includes understanding the impact and effectiveness of clickbait as well as a breakdown of underlying curiosity. Project a part of masters' thesis at IIIT Hyderabad.

Academic Performance and Financial Risk Taking

Paper accepted at the Sixth Annual Conference of the Association for Cognitive Sciences in India. Initial work also presented at the F.U.R. Conference, University of York, UK.

Big Data Analysis in R - Consumer Freedom Measure

Undertaken as a Research Assistant at the National Taiwan University, Taipei, under professor Hendrik Rommeswinkel. Worked on a large-scale consumer behavior database that tracked 60,000+ US families’ expenditure on all goods for a period of 14 years, and developed a data analytics codebase in R to draw inferences.

Clickbait and Advertisements

Worked with Dr. Prithviraj Mukherjee from IIM-Bangalore on an eye-tracker study to identify user-behaviour on clickbait articles and its implication on the advertising industry. Check notes for details.

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