Subtle Art of De-MOSS-ing

Ever since it’s introduction in 1994, Stanford’s MOSS, or Measure of Software Similarity, has been an integral part of programming classes worldwide to detect plagiarism in coding assignments. It’s an effective measure, a good system, but, it’s not perfect. [Read More]
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Why Bitcoin Failed Miserably

In the aftermath of the 2008 Global Economic Crisis, Bitcoin started as a novel idea, to setup a new financial ecosystem that eliminates middlemen and gives transaction powers directly into the hands of the masses. Anonymous, instantaneous transactions with universal acceptability were the goals of Bitcoin. [Read More]

3D Game - OpenGL

This was a course assignment for Graphics, in the Spring of 2018. A continuation of the previously posted 2D game, this is a 3D rendering coded in C using openGL. [Read More]
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